Know Who You're Working with!

Cary Lott
Founder, CEO, & Master Carpenter

After many years in the insurance industry, Cary decided to switch gears and pursue his love of carpentry. In doing this, he found the incredible need for quality shutters in Birmingham. This gave birth to Bluff Park Shutter Company.
Cary is a Hoover, Alabama native and strives to help make the community a better place for all.

About Bluff Park Shutter Company

At Bluff Park Shutter Company, we take pride in quality.

Our custom, hand crafted shutters are curated to your home
with the designs and colors that match your needs.

We cut out the various layers that drive costs through the
roof without sacrificing workmanship, durability, and creative design.

This allows us to make the best quality wooden shutters that
you long for at a price you can only dream about.